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Issue 2, 2008

Access_open On Normal and Exceptional Politics

Keywords claim, E-business, introductie, making, vereniging
Authors S. Taekema

S. Taekema

Access_open Between Decision and Deliberation: Political Paradox in Democratic Theory

Keywords contract, model, claim, aftappen, character, interest, kind, concern, leasing, bear
Authors B. Honig

B. Honig

Access_open Law's 'Uncanniness': A Phenomenology of Legal Decisions

Keywords claim, contract, interest, character, making, binding, E-business, Europese gemeenschap, identiteit, leasing
Authors H. Lindahl

H. Lindahl

Access_open A <i>Decisionist</i> Approach to Democratic Political Order

Keywords claim, leasing, contract, E-business, interest, binding, dictum, elektronisch geld, identiteit
Authors M. Terpstra

M. Terpstra

Access_open The Paradox of Politics from a Constitutional Perspective: The Constituent Power of the People and the Representation of the General Will

Keywords leasing, claim, binding, contract, making, democratie, know-how, Europese unie, idee, legaliteit
Authors G. Hoogers

G. Hoogers

Access_open Opening Pandora's Box: Historical Comments on Bonnie Honig's Paradoxes in Democratic Theory

Keywords character, contract, making, reputatie, claim, leasing, arrangement, interest, verzoekschrift
Authors I. Haan

I. Haan

Access_open An Agonist's Reply

Keywords claim, character, know-how, machine, model, reputatie, service, settlement, binding
Authors B. Honig

B. Honig

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