About NJLP

The history of the NJLP goes back to the Proceedings of the Netherlands Association for Philosophy of Law (Handelingen van de Vereeniging voor Wijsgebeerte des Rechts), and was founded in 1919 as a Dutch academic journal for legal philosophers in the Netherlands and Flanders. Since 2006 the Journal has published annual special issues in English, and since 2012 it has become an international peer reviewed open access journal. The Editorial Board of the Journal includes international scholars of legal philosophy, drawing from a large network of relevant scholarship. Special issues have centred around the work of e.g. Patrick H. Glenn, Bonnie Honig, Philip Pettit, Neil Walker, Gunter Teubner, Steven Winter and Antony Duff.

The Journal welcomes papers on legal theory and philosophy of law, as well as other disciplinary perspectives on law, to the extent that they contribute to theoretical reflection on law as a professional discipline, as a science and/or as a societal practice, including its linkage with political philosophy. Articles are welcome in English and Dutch, but in principle we would also publish in French or German if translation is not feasible.