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Klaas Rozemond
Klaas Rozemond is universitair hoofddocent strafrecht Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Access_open Over verplichte excuses en spreekrecht

Wat is er mis met empirisch-juridisch onderzoek naar slachtoffers?

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2017
Keywords empirical legal studies, apologies, procedural justice, humiliation, victim rights
Authors Vincent Geeraets and Wouter Veraart
AbstractAuthor's information

    The central question in this article is whether an empirical-legal approach of victimhood and victim rights could offer a sufficient basis for proposals of legal reform of the legal system. In this article, we choose a normative-critical approach and raise some objections to the way in which part of such research is currently taking place in the Netherlands, on the basis of two examples of research in this field, one dealing with compelled apologies as a possible remedy within civil procedural law and the other with the victim’s right to be heard within the criminal legal procedure. In both cases, we argue, the strong focus on the measurable needs of victims can lead to a relatively instrumental view of the legal system. The legal system must then increasingly be tailored to the wishes and needs of victims. Within this legal-empirical, victim-oriented approach, there is little regard for the general normative principles of our present legal system, in which an equal and respectful treatment of each human being as a free and responsible legal subject is a central value. We argue that results of empirical-legal research should not too easily or too quickly be translated into proposals for legal reform, but first become part of a hermeneutical discussion about norms and legal principles, specific to the normative quality of legal science itself.

Vincent Geeraets
Vincent Geeraets is universitair docent aan de afdeling Rechtstheorie en rechtsgeschiedenis van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Wouter Veraart
Wouter Veraart is hoogleraar rechtsfilosofie aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Access_open Rechtspraak en waarheid in Aischylos’ Oresteia en Yael Farbers Molora

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2013
Keywords Oresteia, tragedy, conflict resolution, truth and reconciliation commission, restorative justice
Authors Lukas van den Berge
AbstractAuthor's information

    This article explores the themes of injustice and dehumanization in Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Yael Farber’s Molora, in which the story of the Oresteia is dramatized against the backdrop of post-apartheid South Africa. It is argued that both plays depict wrongdoers and victims alike as social outcasts. Thus, they can both be described with Paul Ricoeur as ‘sketches of a man,’ not being able to live up to their full human potential. Borrowing from Ricoeur’s legal philosophy, it is then explained how public trials and hearings help them to reintegrate into society, in which they can regain their full humanity.

Lukas van den Berge
Lukas van den Berge is researcher at the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution of Utrecht University (the Netherlands), where he prepares a dissertation on the theory of administrative procedural law.
Book Review

Access_open Judith Leest, Een redelijk ritueel. Bemiddeling tussen strafrecht en leefwereld (diss. Utrecht).

Den Haag: Boom Juridische uitgevers 2007, 264 p.

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2008
Keywords bemiddeling, delinquent, slachtoffer, strafrecht, identiteitsbewijs, strafvordering, verzoening, aansprakelijkheid, bemiddelaar, confrontatie
Authors K. Rozemond

K. Rozemond

Access_open Evolutionair sociaal constructivisme, recht en rechtsvergelijking

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2007
Keywords menselijke gedraging, model, auteur, noodzakelijkheid, overdracht, backbone, bedreiging, burgerlijk recht, contract, coöperatie
Authors B. Du Laing

B. Du Laing

Access_open De tijd van het recht. Mensenrechten tussen recht en politiek

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2005
Keywords belofte, rechterlijke macht, geweld, grondrecht, rechtsstaat, regering, slachtoffer, arrestatie, delinquent, illegaal
Authors F. Atria

F. Atria
Book Review

Access_open P. van Tongeren (red.), Is vergeving mogelijk?

CEKUN-boekenreeks 7, Leende: Damon 2000, 185 p.; E. Christodoulidis & S. Veitch (eds.), Lethe's Law. Justice, Law and Ethics in Reconciliation, Oxford 2001, 235 p.

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2003
Authors J.-M. Piret

J.-M. Piret

Access_open Hannah Arendt: publiek domein, recht en rechtspraak

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2003
Keywords rechtspraak, erkenning, idee, noodzakelijkheid, activa, mediation, contract, model, slachtoffer, aansprakelijkheid
Authors T. Hol

T. Hol

Access_open Schuldvergeving als rechtsprincipe

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2003
Keywords belofte, schuldenaar, activa, faillissement, schuld, contract, schuldeiser, burgerlijk recht, consument, democratie
Authors N. Huls

N. Huls

Access_open Over vrienden en broeders, eenzame massamensen, vijanden en tegenstanders. Hannah Arendts en Carl Schmitts uitdaging van de liberale democratie

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2003
Keywords democratie, model, idee, identiteit, politieke filosofie, verlies, verzoening, bedreiging, voorwaarde, noodzakelijkheid
Authors M. Borren

M. Borren

Access_open Hoofddoeken in Holland. Een verkenning van een contextuele benadering van een multicultureel conflict

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2002
Keywords stagiair, onderwijs, schikking, gelijke behandeling, identiteit, vrijheid van godsdienst, personeel, verbod, erkenning, leerling
Authors S. Saharso and O. Verhaar

S. Saharso

O. Verhaar
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