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Access_open Religie op het werk?

Over positieve en negatieve godsdienstvrijheid bij private ondernemingen en tendensondernemingen

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2020
Authors Leni Franken and François Levrau
AbstractAuthor's information

    In this article we elaborate on the place of religion in the workplace. Does the individual freedom of religion imply that employers must always accommodate the religious claims of employees or can they boast a number of arguments allowing them to legitimately limit that freedom? And, conversely, do employers not also have a right to freedom of religion and a right to formulate certain religious expectations for their employees? In this contribution, we deal with these and related questions from a legal-philosophical perspective. The overall aim is to illustrate the extent to which univocal answers are jeopardized because of conceptual ambiguities. We first make a normative distinction between two strategies (i.e. difference-blind approach and difference-sensitive approach) and subsequently illustrate and elaborate on how and why these strategies can lead to different outcomes in legal cases. We illustrate the extent to which a contextual and proportional analysis can be a way out in theoretical and practical conundrums.

Leni Franken
Leni Franken is senior researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp.

François Levrau
François Levrau is senior researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp.
Book Review

Access_open Hendrik Visser 't Hooft, Het recht van de toekomst. Over morele aspecten van duurzaamheid.

Kampen: Uitgeverij Klement 2006, 96 p.

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2008
Keywords milieuramp, aansprakelijkheid, bedreiging, beschermd natuurgebied, constitutie, delegatie, duurzame ontwikkeling, duurzame ontwrichting, economisch belang, imago
Authors W. Veraart

W. Veraart

Access_open De filosofie van Legal Realism

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2008
Keywords claim, contract, verhaal, getuige, idee, noodzakelijkheid, verlies, aansprakelijkheid, gebrek
Authors B. Goetschalckx

B. Goetschalckx
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