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Access_open Het classicistische politieke denken van Van Hogendorp

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue Pre-publications 2020
Keywords classicistisch politiek denken, constitutie, Van Hogendorp, Grondwet, politieke filosofie
Authors Alban Mik
AbstractAuthor's information

    Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp is the auctor intellectualis of the 1818 Dutch constitution. It was his sketch for a new constitution that was used as a starting point for the deliberations of its original drafting committee. Van Hogendorp justifies his constitution as a restoration of the Burgundian constitution that applied before the Dutch Republic. In recent literature Van Hogendorp’s restorational argument is presented as an invention of tradition. In this article an alternative explanation is presented, namely that it is part of a form of classicist political thought that was common during the ancien régime. Van Hogendorp describes his constitution as a moderate monarchy, in which the three principles of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy are properly balanced. And he mainly defends this mixed regime by pointing out that it is a restoration of the old Burgundian constitution of the Netherlands. This way of reasoning is, as will be shown, typically classicistic.

Alban Mik
Alban Mik is onderzoeker aan de Afdeling Metajuridica, vakgroep Rechtsfilosofie van de Universiteit Leiden.

    Book review of T.F.E. Tjong Tjin Tai, Duties of care and ethics of care [Zorgplichten en zorgethiek], Deventer: Kluwer 2007, 455 p.

Rob Schwitters
Rob Schwitters is universitair hoofddocent aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Access_open Dat zogenaamde huis is in werkelijkheid meer een onzichtbare stad die het decor vormt voor onze beraadslagingen

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2005
Keywords rechtsstaat, idee, model, verbouwing, overleden, aannemer, redenering, bestuurder, geweld, legaliteitbeginsel
Authors W. Witteveen

W. Witteveen

Access_open De praktische rechter. De opmerkelijke relevantie van Paul Scholten voor een eigentijdse rechtsvindingstheorie

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2004
Keywords rechtspraak, bouw, burgerlijk recht, huur, idee, overeenkomst, aannemer, eigenaar, huurbescherming
Authors R.C. Hartendorp and H. Wagenaar

R.C. Hartendorp

H. Wagenaar
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